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Chicago Sexual Harassment Lawyer Peter LaSorsa concentrates on sexual harassment cases involving quid quo pro or hostile work environment. This includes any unwanted sexual advance or sexual comment in the workplace and in a school setting. Additionally, this could take place in a public business. Public accommodation sexual harassment would occur is you are buying a car and the salesperson hits on you for example..

There are many different ways to prove a case, and my office will help to ensure you have the right evidence.

Employment discrimination is a growing problem in the Chicago workplace and a unique approach is required. I am a unique Chicago sexual harassment lawyer who represents individuals and employees in cases in Chicago and throughout Illinois. If you have been the victim of inappropriate behavior I am here to help you. Don’t let another employee or supervisor create a hostile work environment and ruin your career in Chicago. The employer will have lawyers, human resource personnel and others to help protect their rights. Please make sure someone is protecting yours. The conduct won’t go away on it’s own.

Illinois Sexual Harassment Lawyer Peter LaSorsa also handles employment lawsuits in state and federal court. I am a member of the Trial Bar in the Northern District of Illinois which allows me to take your case from start to finish in federal court.

Many employment lawyers aren’t members of the Trial Bar in the Northern District of Illinois and therefore they can’t take your case from start to finish. The attorney for the company can look to see if an attorney is a member of the Trial Bar and perhaps they will not take a settlement letter in the same fashion if they see the attorney isn’t as experienced or doesn’t belong to the Trial Bar. It is very important that you ensure you hire an employment discrimination attorney in Chicago who can practice in front of all available venues.

I practice before all available legal venues. Chicago Sexual Harassment Lawyer Peter LaSorsa is experienced and aggressive in protecting the employment rights of his clients. Peter takes many cases before Judges at the Illinois Human Rights Commission. Taking cases at the Commission can be tricky. The rules a different at the Illinois Human Rights Commission and experience counts in that regard.

In Chicago you have a right to be free from discrimination at work. The Illinois Human Rights Act (“Act“) prohibits employers from treating you different based on one of the protected categories listed above. Many times the human resource department in your company will drag out an investigation so that you miss important filing deadlines. Don’t let this happen to you. Act quickly to ensure your employment discrimination lawsuit is not lost. It isn’t enough that you file a complaint internally with the company. You must file with an outside agency to protect your employment rights.

There are many special rules in place in state and federal agencies that most attorneys are not familiar with. It takes an Illinois Sexual Harassment Lawyer with experience and skill to navigate both of these agencies. I not only practice before both agencies, I also lecture for the Illinois State Bar Association on issues related to both agencies. So I teach other employment attorneys. Who better to take your case than the attorney who teaches other attorneys? I have also appeared on television discussing employment discrimination cases. And I’ve lectured for the Illinois State Bar Association on employment discrimination cases.

In Illinois a person is protected from discrimination by Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. Claims brought under that Act can be filed first with the EEOC. Once a right to sue letter is issued one can file with the federal court in the local jurisdiction. For example in Chicago that would be the Northern District of Illinois located on Dearborn and Jackson. Federal claims can be tricky and in my opinion the federal courts are more employer friendly so only cases that have great provable facts should proceed in federal court.

Illinois Sexual Harassment Lawyer Peter LaSorsa can also bring claims in state court based on violations of tort law. Some of these claims include claims based on common law retaliation and the intentional infliction of emotional distress. Again, these are fact-specific and consulting with an experienced employment discrimination lawyer is a must. The victim of discrimination can have multiple claims in multiple venues. An experienced employment lawyer I can explain this to you.

It is very important that you protect your rights immediately as strict time limits apply in employment discrimination cases. I don’t work for insurance companies, I work hard on your behalf against insurance companies. I don’t charge for a consultation and you don’t pay me until I recover money for you. There is no reason why you should go it alone. The company will have a lawyer or teams of lawyers. Level the playing field and have a lawyer working for you. The focus of the company is on making money.

A company may be engaging in discrimination against you prior to employment. For example if you go for a job interview and then the company does an Internet check on your social media websites there may be a discrimination issue. The company may see you are over 40 or a single mother and therefore the negative hiring decision could be based on a discriminatory category. In Illinois it is illegal to ask a prospective employee what her age is or what her marital status is. It makes sense then that if they view this information on your Facebook page they are in fact inquiring about it and therefore possibly engaging in employment discrimination. Most companies do Internet checks on prospective employees so if you are qualified for the job and did well on the interview but didn’t get the job call my office to discuss your potential case.

If you are a student at a college and the professor is trying to engage in a sexual relationship with you, the school has liability to you. I can file a complaint against the school and the professor. The professor has too much power and control over you so there really can’t be a consensual relationship. You have rights as a student. Because strict time limits apply in lawsuits, don’t let the school’s upper management drag out their investigation. This will make you miss an important filing deadline. Remember you are paying good money to attend college, don’t let professors prey upon you.

Illinois Sexual Harassment Lawyer Peter LaSorsa provides you with personal attention. I will rapidly move your case along and recognize that you may want to potentially resolve your case quickly. And remember trials are public so many times the other side will not wish to engage in a public trial. These cases in particular are embarrassing for companies and universities. Additionally, many times the person engaging in the conduct will not want his wife to know what he is doing. This is another reason why cases could settle early in the process. Chicago Sexual Harassment Lawyer Peter LaSorsa is very skilled at negotiating settlements. That skill could result in a higher settlement amount for you.

I also have the resources and experience to take your case to trial if necessary and I am available for consultation in all cities throughout Illinois. I am also able to conduct most of our business over the phone and Internet so you don’t have to miss work coming to a lawyer’s office. There is never a charge to discuss your employment case. Because of the strict time limits required for filing an employment discrimination complaint, make sure you call as soon as you believe there is a problem. For cases already filed by you or another attorney, in cases where there is a right to sue letter or in other circumstances, I usually charge my hourly rate with a retainer or non-refundable retainer.

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