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Practice Areas

The following practice areas are serviced in Chicago by my law office. Although there are no specialties allowed in Illinois under the practice of law, Peter concentrates on sexual harassment and employment cases, including all types of discrimination. Additionally, sexual harassment cases make up the bulk of the workload. There are many attorneys who handle everything that walks through the door, but in my opinion this isn’t the best approach. An attorney who focuses on one area of the law is going to be better at that one area. And that is going to translate into more money for you in most cases.

Why Peter?

Other attorneys know who I am because I have cases against them all the time. They know how tenacious I am and know from past experience that they will not be able to settle the case cheaply. Defense firms and insurance companies also realize that I am willing to take a case to trial and file an appeal if necessary. This allows me to have better leverage in obtaining a favorable settlement for you. And also this allows for a quicker settlement, as defense attorneys know I won’t give up on your case.

Individual Service

When looking at the practice areas you can see there are many different specific categories. Each has its’ own nuanced evidence and has its’ own requirement for proving discrimination. Only an experienced Chicago employment attorney who handles these types of cases will be able to determine how best to proceed with your case. In many instances the best way to proceed is to do nothing. There are times when more harm can be caused by filing a complaint. Remember, what you file may follow you around for your entire working career. As each case is different and has unique facts and circumstances, a one-on-one discussion with the attorney is advisable. I am not afraid to tell you the truth about the value of your case and to tell you when it best to not file a lawsuit, even though I make no money doing so.

Emotional Issues

Speaking with an attorney about a job related event could be very emotional. The right questions have to be asked to get the full story so the attorney can give the best advice. Only experienced attorneys know how best to get the information from you. The company will have top people working on the case and working to defeat your claim. They have the benefit of speaking with all current employees. Additionally, they can access all of the electronic communications and get a better idea of what evidence exists. This is why it is extremely important that an employee be as truthful as possible when speaking about what happened at work. Don’t be afraid to tell the good and the bad.

Another important point to make is that you may believe you have a lawsuit based on a particular category of discrimination but in fact you may have a lawsuit on an entirely different category. Only through the process of questions and answers can the right determination be made. Because of very strict time limits it is important to flush this information out early in the process. If you wait too long, your claim may be forever banned. Don’t let your frustration and busy life stop you from filing a valid claim.

Practice Areas

Check the practice areas below for the type of case you believe you have and contact my office for a free discussion of your issues. I answer my own telephone and will discuss the case with you-not a paralegal or other screener. Let Chicago sexual harassment and discrimination lawyer Peter LaSorsa help you with your case.

Office Sexual Harassment

My office is also available to provide training and counseling on discrimination, sexual harassment and housing discrimination. This valuable training will help employees not do anything which may expose the company to legal liability. Just a little prevention could save your company hundreds of thousands of dollars in legal fees and potential judgments.

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