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The following videos are provided to give you an idea of what type of cases my firm handles. I do these videos as a service to my clients or potential clients. Sometimes it is easier to watch a video than read a bunch of legal ease. I hope you find these videos informative and that some of your questions will be answered. These videos are not to replace talking to me in person or on the phone. I provide these for basic information only. I hope you also take the time to email me with specific questions regarding your current situation. Remember, each case is unique and there isn’t a general rule of thumb that applies.

It is also helpful for you to read what is listed in the other areas of my website. In particular, please refer to the practice area section of this website. In this area you will find all of the different types of discrimination which are covered under the Illinois Human Rights Act “Act”. Even though you are an employee at will in Illinois barring a signed employment contact, you still have basic rights which are covered under the Act. Although these videos are not intended to give you a complete understanding of your rights under the Act, they should help answer a few basic questions. Please keep in mind while watching the videos that you may have issues specific to your case. There may even be issues that apply to your case that you don’t realize that I can bring to your attention after speaking with you and learning more about your case.

I have an office in the State of Illinois to better serve your needs. With current technology there is no need to come to the office in person. You can if you wish, but everything can be accomplished via email and the telephone. I find that this makes things more convenient for most clients. This allows you to have a paper trail of all correspondences and interactions. Additionally, you can review the information as you have an email to review as opposed to getting the advice in person and thus not being able to review it.

My main focus in my practice are sexual harassment cases. Because there is so much media attention given to sexual harassment cases today, people can come away with the wrong idea about what is required to prove a case. In the media, there is no time limit for bringing a sexual harassment case forward. However, in Illinois, you have a very strict time limit for bring forth a case. Six months at the Illinois Department of Human Rights and 300 days with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. If you miss these filing deadlines, you can’t file a sexual harassment complaint in Illinois. You may have other remedies, depending on your circumstances, but you would be prohibited from filing based on being sexually harassed at work. That is why it is important that you don’t rely on the videos alone, and instead speak to me directly or correspond via email. I would rather evaluate your case based on the specifics.

So in conclusion, I hope that you find these videos helpful and that some basic questions are answered. The law is very fluid and there are many nuances in it. There is no substitution for speaking with an experienced lawyer who concentrates in employment law. I have been doing this type of law for over fifteen years and have taken cases before the Illinois Human Rights Commission, Equal Employment Opportunity Commission and in both state and federal courts. After watching the videos, I hope you will send an email or call my office.

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