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Instructions to Clients

Instructions to Clients during the discovery process. Remain Silent—DO NOT TALK TO ANYONE ABOUT YOUR CASE. Discussing your case with anyone but your attorney can only hurt your case. Whether your case is civil or criminal, your ability to remain silent is critical to your success. In criminal cases, the police try through decoys and tricks to obtain information Most of the time this is legal. The police may “plant” a decoy in your cell at the county jail. Obtaining information by befriending you to help their case.

Additionally, a cellmate may wish to trade information with the police in exchange for a lesser sentence—even if the information is taken out of context or made up. Remain silent about your case. In civil cases, innocent statements may prove fault on your part. Even innocent words like “I am sorry”, may be enough to prove the accident was your fault, at least in your opinion. Additionally, insurance companies employ skillful people whose job it is to try and twist your words. Don’t fall prey, remain silent until you can consult attorney Peter LaSorsa.

What You Can Do

Do Not Sign Anything—Do not sign any papers, forms, statements, or acknowledgments. There is no reason to sign documents before you’ve had a chance to review the documents with your attorney. The exception is if the police insist you sign a document, make sure you note that by your signature and only sign the document if the police instruct you to (traffic type document only).

Keep A Diary—No one has a perfect memory. The help you remember important dates and information keep a diary. A case may not come to trial for years and dates and other important information will become fuzzy. If you keep a daily diary of events, this can be powerful evidence at trial. Make sure you list the time and date of the entry, if anyone is with you or were with you when the event occurred and try and provide as much detail as possible in your entry. Additionally, if you miss work or spend time on a matter, detail the amount of time, as it may aid in an amount you may recover at a future date.

Photographs and Names

Photographs—You know the saying “A picture is worth a thousand words”, well it is. In fact, a picture may be worth thousands of extra dollars. Nothing says the other person was driving real fast when he hit my car like a picture of the mangled car. Keep a disposable camera in your car or purse. Take pictures of any damage, the position of the vehicles or any injury you may have sustained.

Get Names and Addresses—If you are involved in an accident or are otherwise injured try and get the names, phone numbers and addresses of any witnesses. I understand it may be difficult to think of this at the time of the injury but sometimes winning your case may depend on the eyewitness accounts of others.

Get Immediate Medical Treatment—If you have been injured I can refer you to the best doctors for treatment even if you do not have medical insurance. Obtaining immediate medical treatment for your injuries is often the difference between unnecessary suffering and the proper recovery of the injury. I am here for you NOW.

Common Mistakes

Five Big Mistakes Clients Make:

  • Not seeing the doctor if you are in pain.
  • Not doing what your doctor tells you.
  • Not keeping your doctor appointments.
  • Discussing your case with anyone other than your attorney or your doctor.
  • Failing to tell your doctor about medical problems due to the accident

The Other Side May Photograph You or Have You Followed or Watched.

Insurance companies routinely hire private investigators to watch or photograph an injured person. You should always be aware of your surroundings and remember that someone may be watching you. If you are photographed lifting an item up or running when you claim to be unable to walk or run, you will probably have a problem with your case. At no time should you pose for the camera or otherwise try to be cute.

Please remember to provide any photographs or video you may have. Save all medical items such as notes from the doctor. Try to take pictures of any damage to either you or your automobile prior to having the automobile fixed.

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