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Cast of Characters Information

Cast of Characters Information can be vital to your case.  So you are the victim of discrimination in Illinois and a claim is going to be filed as has been filed. What types of things can you do to ensure your claim has the best chance of success? There are a few documents you can draft with my help that will make sure your case gets off in the right direction.

The importance of this can’t be understated. Successful settlements are usually based on these documents. The cast of characters information should provide basic information that is in your possessio.   Or that you have access to. As the title suggests it should include the names of people. If you are claiming that you are the victim of sexual harassment, you should list the names of people who witnessed the harassment, who you reported the harassment to or names of others at work who were sexually harassed.

Discovery Process

During the discovery process basic information will need to be provided.  This should include their phone number, mailing address.  Also, job title and who they report to or who reports to them. Also, whether you believe they will be a good witness or whether they will be hostile and also background information on them. It is important to let me know in the cast of characters anything in the background of the people you are listing that may help or hurt your case. This is where you have to be very honest and say exactly what you know.

For example if a witness is going to be helpful to you but has been caught stealing or has a felony conviction, I need to know that up front so we can plan how best to handle that or whether we even wish to include that witness in the case. There is nothing worse than not knowing this type of information and then getting blindsided at trial. And, if I put this person down as a favorable witness in a demand letter and the other side knows about the conviction, it will make the demand letter seem weak.


This type of activity may hurt your chances of a settlement. The goal in any case is to quickly end the case in terms favorable to the employee. There is no reason to drag a case out. Settling a case early has many real advantages. First, you get money in your pocket today as opposed to years from now. Second, you get to move on with your life. And lastly, you don’t have to risk losing at trial.

The cast of characters information is vital to achieving this goal. As your attorney I need to know all of the employees who may be witnesses and who are involved. The more I know about them, the better I can plan a strategy that maximizes your chances of success. I am very experienced at using this type of information to box the other side in during the case. The other side is rarely ready for the strategies I will employ once I get a good set of documents from you and we have good facts.

Act now!

Chicago sexual harassment information includes the case of characters.  Remember that the other side will have very good lawyers defending their position and they will have the ability to talk with employees who are still working for them. For these reasons it is extremely important that we work together and put these documents together to maximize your case. Don’t let the other side beat you because they are better organized or better prepared.

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