Chronology is an important aspect In litigation. In order to have good facts, you have to actually remember what took place. Remember your case may take years to come to trial. It is very difficult to remember every single fact that is helpful to your case over a long period of time. Also, many cases settle before trial.   Therefore it is always better if your lawyer can draft a demand letter based on good solid facts. In order to get those facts, you have to provide them.

I believe it is very helpful for you to sit down and write a chronology of what took place. Start with your hire date. You should include the date, event, who was a witness to the event, that persons job title and what documents relate to the event. Don’t be afraid to provide too much detail. It is better to have too much detail than not enough. Items you remember now may make the difference in terms of what kind of money you end up receiving.

The chronological document is utilized in conjunction with the cast of characters document to make sure you don’t miss any important facts during the discovery process . And this will ensure that while things are fresh in your mind you are putting them down so I can review them with you at a later date. Remember that if you create this and the cast of characters for me in anticipation of litigation we can argue a privilege exists and they may not have to be disclosed to the other side during litigation.

This will give us a big advantage going forward and make your case stronger. My experience in litigating cases is that the better organized we are, the quicker the other side will want to settle the case. The other side will evaluate your case based on the facts that we present to them. If they think you have good evidence of discrimination, they will think twice about taking the case to trial. They will want to settle because they won’t wish to risk a large verdict at trial.

Conversely, if we present them with a weak set of facts, the opposite will take place. It has been my experience that a well drafted demand letter that takes into account a well evidenced and established chronology of events yields that best results. It also shows the other side this case has been worked up well and that we are very serious about moving forward.

Chicago Sexual Harassment attorney Peter LaSorsa finds these documents very helpful when sending out an initial demand letter.  Addionally when negotiating a settlement or during the discovery process. The more time you spend on these two documents up front, the better your chances for a successful outcome. My office is always available to guide you through this process.   And to give you the guidance you need. When I take a case, I handle all aspects of the case myself. I never outsource or delegate. This means I work directly with you on the case. I will make sure we are able to put the best chronology together.   Therefore ensuring a successful outcome. Working together will ensure the best chance of success.

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