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Severance Agreements

Severance Agreements are an integral part of leaving a job. Leaving your employer is a very emotional experience. Accordingly, a well negotiated serverance agreement should be a part of your termination from employment.

Basically the company has legal help on their end, who do you have on yours? Thus don’t just settle for what the company offers. You have rights and leverage. Consequently the amount of leverage depends on each case, and is where an experienced lawyer can help you tremedously.

The terms of the severance agreement are extremely important. And many times there are terms in agreements that will not be enforceable. It would be very helpful to you if you knew what those were. You worked hard for the company, let them give you a nice package as you leave.

I have tremendous success negotiating, reviewing and drafting severance agreements. Additionally I can walk you through tax implications and unemployment issues. Other key points are future employment issues. Consequently the terms of the severance agreeement bind you once its’ signed.

However, there are some exceptions in circumstances where terms may be unenforceable. I can help tell you those terms.

Overall some questions I can answer are: Should you get vacation and sick time? What about medical coverage? Can you get your employee file? How does a severance agreement impact unemployment? Do you pay tax on the severance amount? In a severance agreement are legal fees addressed properly? Do I have a discrimination case? Did wrongfully terminated take place? Is it in my best interest to sign the severance agreement? Those are just a few questions, I can answer for you.

I charge my hourly rate of $350 per hour for this service. Additionally employees may recover many multiples of my fee . Just like you wouldn’t pull your own tooth (maybe some people will), you shouldn’t negotiate your own severance agreements. Whereas, gIve me a call or email and protect your rights (even those you don’t know about).

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