What To Do When The Boss Flirts And Wants Sex

So you are at work minding your own business and the boss is taking a very big interest in you.  You realize that the interest is really not work related and the boss really wants a personal relationship with you.  To make matters even more disturbing the boss is married.  This puts the employee in a very tricky situation and creates a hostile work environment for the employee.  It may also create a similar environment for other employees as well.  So what should you do if you find yourself in this situation and what rights do you have?

First, in Illinois there is strict liability on the company if the boss is engaging in this type of behavior.  You don't have to report the conduct to other management or human resources for the liability to attach.  Additionally, if any negative job action were to take place against you for rejecting the sexual advances or advances to establish a personal relationship a separate claim of retaliation would be appropriate.  My Chicago office sees more of this type of activity in the workplace and it is a disturbing trend.  Here is what you should do if this is happening to you.

Second, contact an aggressive Chicago sexual harassment attorney who understands the law, the defenses the company may present and the best way to handle the case.  Do this as soon as possible as there are time limits in place for all types of discrimination cases in Illinois.  Chicago has additional laws in place that protect workers and those can be discussed as well.  The employee should also try to save as much proof of the sexual harassment as possible.  There are many ways to do this and all of them should be implemented.  Don't delete text messages or emails that support your claim.

I even see more and more cases where the bosses wife finds out her husband is trying to engage in a relationship at work and the wife makes the  boss fire the employee.  Think how wrong that is.  Why should the employee lose her job because the husband and your boss is not acting appropriately and professionally.  This is also an indication as to how poorly trained management is and how horrible the oversight is by the company.  If the right protocols are put in place this type of activity would not take place.  The bottom line is this, you should not be subjected to negative actions at work because you reject advances from the boss. 

You deserve to be free from harassment in the workplace and you should be safe from flirting while at work.  Don't let the boss treat you like a piece of property or his little play thing.  Protect yourself and call an experienced attorney who concentrates in sexual harassment cases in Chicago.  There is no substitute for experience and competence.  You don't want the case to come down to a he said she said pitting you against the boss.  Usually the employee is going to more expendable to the company than the boss.  This is where good sound legal advice and planning can pay off.  Don't try to go it alone or think that if you ignore the problem it will go away.  Problems don't go away, they get worse.  Protect yourself and your families future.