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The Law Office of Peter M. LaSorsa, P.C. was started by attorney Peter LaSorsa in 2004 shortly after he graduated from law school--where he was a member of the Law Review and on the Dean's list five out of six semesters.  Peter was a corporate attorney at Caterpillar at the time he formed his law office and decided he wanted to strike out on his own.  Peter utilized concepts he learned throughout his many previous jobs and experiences to address the practice of law from a new direction.  Peter decided the best way to serve the community would be to automate as much as possible, and handle all cases himself.  Although Peter had many opportunities to partner with other attorneys to form bigger firms, Peter likes running a solo practice and handling all the issues himself.   This allows Peter to answer his own telephone and to speak directly to the person who is being harmed.

The philosophy of the firm is to run lean and mean.  I utilize specialized tactics and procedures which I have developed to help my clients increase settlement amounts.  I believe most of these tactics and procedure are unique to my firm and are proprietary.  You can go with a bigger firm, complete with paralegals, secretaries and support staff.  But when you hire my firm, you get me.  No middle man, no support staff, no one working on your important legal issue but me.  In other firms, an attorney might only spend ten percent of the time on your case, with support staff and paralegals spending 90 percent of the time on your case.  Wouldn't you rather have an attorney spend 100 percent of his time on your case?  If you do, I am probably the attorney for you.

I allow clients to stay home and contact me via email and telephone thereby making it more convenient for you.  Clients can email or call after hours and when it is convenient for them.  This 21st century approach to the practice of law makes sense and allows my clients to save time and money. 

If needed, my firm can also work in other states, either partnering with attorneys licensed in those states or by getting admitted per case in a particular state for a particular case.  I am also available to handle corporate or company issues--including training in sexual harassment for employees.  With the #metoo movement, it is very important for companies to provide the proper training for their employees regarding sexual harassment.  You would be very surprised how many employees and supervisors are untrained and unaware of what constitutes sexual harassment in Illinois.  Don't let your company pay the price for the comments or actions of other employees because they lacked an awareness or proper training.

My firm is also very environmentally friendly.  I have been paperless since 2004, well before the environmental movement asking for a smaller carbon footprint.  I have a very small carbon footprint and this helps my office keep costs down--so I can pass that savings on to you.  With no staff, no long term real estate leases or long term equipment leases, I can run my office in a very streamlined fashion.  You not only get the value passed on to you, but I can focus more time on your legal issues and less of my time on administrative issues.   One would be surprised to learn how much time the average law firm spends on non-legal matters.  I don't have to worry about that.  If you are looking for an attorney with a futuristic approach--and proven results, give my office a call or send an email.

I take cases big and small.  I've settled cases for four million dollars and for one thousand dollars.  Unlike large firms, I am willing to take on small cases and fight for the average person.  I can't guarantee a result, but what I can guarantee is that I will fight hard for you and try and obtain the highest settlement possible.

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Chicago, IL

Phone: 312.505.5038