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Federal EEO

Federal EEO or Equal Employment Opportunity claims result when a federal employee is terminated. Additionally, it occurs if you are the victim of sexual harassment or other forms of discrimination. The federal government established a different system for handling these types of claims. Additinally, there are very strict time limits involved in filling a claim with the federal government. Timing of the filing is extremely important.


What options do you have if you have been terminated. Fling for unemployment immediately is your first step. Gathering as many documents as possible which may help your case comes next. Also, make a list of potential witnesses. Thereafter, call an experienced Federal EEO attorney to pursue your claim. Becuase these claims are unique, only an experienced discrimination attorney can provide the most help.

Why Choose Peter

Federal EEO attorney Peter LaSorsa handled many federal claims. Knowledgable and successful at returning federal workers to their job. Often times, I get full attorney fees, employee back pay and get the termination rescinded. Additionally, Peter is experienced in front of Federal EEO Judges. This gives you the advantage of being represented by someone with real experience. Peter concentrates on employment law for employees.


Here is a basic checklist put together by Chicago Sexual Harassment Attorney Peter LaSorsa.

First, write a journal of what happened to you, including dates, documents involved and witnesses.

Secondly, gather all of the relevant documents. If they are not in your possession, provide guidance on where they are located.

Thirdly, write down the names, email and phone numbers of anyone you think is a potential witness. Also, provide what you believe they witnesses.

Lastly, don’t make any statements or social media posts. The old World War II saying “Loose Lips Sink Ships” applies here. The only thing statements and social media posts can do is hurt your potential case.

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