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Peter represents Illinois residents in matters relating to the rights of employees in the workplace, employment law, the treatment of employees by employers, and the rights of former employees and applicants for employment. I offer advice and guidance, as well as represent employees in litigation and assist in alternative dispute resolution matters. Many times a good case can settle prior to even filing. My office listens to the facts and makes the best determination for the employee. Sometimes the best action is no action and when that is best, I am a straight shooter and will tell the employee to take no action. Additionally, when action needs to be taken, I have no problem filing in a variety of venues and fighting hard for the employee.

Problems Facing Employees

Employees face a very difficult task when they are faced with discrimination at work. Because the employee needs to keep her job and pay the bills. Additionally, the employee wants to just do her job and not have to deal with all of the drama and stress associated with poor conduct directed at her. An experienced attorney can help her balance both. Without the right balance the employee may say something wrong and get fired or may destroy some very good and relevant evidence. The importance of a good plan can’t be stressed enough.

I am experienced in covering a wide range of employment related issues, including:

What I can help with

Complaints related to the violation of federal or state anti-discrimination and civil rights laws relating to gender, race, age, national origin, religion, ancestry, citizenship status, color, marital status, arrest record, hostile work environment, constructive discharge, sexual orientation, disabilities, pregnancy, Sexual Harassment, and retaliation.
Wage and hour laws, overtime, minimum wage, equal pay and “glass ceiling” matters;
Employee leave, including the Family Medical Leave Act;
Wrongful termination;
Employment contracts, non-competition agreements and severance and settlement agreements;
Contract and tax issues for independent contractors;
Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (“EEOC“);
Illinois Department of Human Rights (“IDHR“);Illinois Human Rights Commission (“IHRC“); and
Workplace health and safety and employer safety compliance.

As you can see there are many different categories in employment law. The issues can get very complicated and confusing. It takes experience and training to determine the best route for you to take. It also takes a tough lawyer to stand up to the insurance company lawyers who many times are hired by companies. I have gone up against all of the biggest employment law firms in Chicago and have no problem presenting your case to them and fighting for your rights.

What you can do

Money received as the result of a successful case can change a persons life. Employees are generally not as wealthy as the boss or the company. That puts the employee in a very difficult position when it comes to being fairly represented. Like anything in life, money buys results. However, when you hire my office you get a good experienced employment lawyer without paying any money up front. You get the best of both worlds–a good expensive lawyer without paying up front. Don’t let unprofessional companies treat you like dirt and get away with it. Protect your rights and stick up for yourself.

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