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Chicago Sexual Harassment Lawyer Peter LaSorsa as over 20 years of experience. This includes matters related to employment law, sexual harassment, severance agreements and counseling businesses.

Military Experience

Peter LaSorsa’s attorney profile is that Peter has been in a variety of jobs throughout his life which have help him become competent in a variety of areas. He started his life in Special Forces as a member of an A-team with 10th Special Forces, 1st Special Operations. Peter worked on a mountain team and on an anti-terrorist team while with 10th Special Forces. Peter attended the prestigious Special Operators Course at the Mott Lake Compound at Ft. Bragg during his time with 10th Special Forces.

After his time in Special Forces, Peter spent the nearly twenty years involved in technology, the intelligence industry and business related to travel–and then opened his law practice in 2004. Since 2004 Peter has continued to be involved in the intelligence, technology and travel related businesses. Peter has contacts around the world and spends eight months a year traveling. Peter has one book, “The Green Law Office” and is currently working on his second book, which he expects to be out in the summer of 2024.

Technology Background

Attorney Profiles of attorney Peter LaSorsa is that he is able to use this to approach legal problems, including severance agreements from a unique perspective. Peter has a very strong technology background and was one of the first attorneys to have a completely green/paperless law office. Peter answers his own telephone and is the only attorney or support staff you will interact with. He believes that by working one-on-one with clients, he can better serve them. There are no other employees who will take information from you or work on your case or file. Peter has negotiated single cases from thousands of dollars to over $4 million dollars. Peter knows how to leverage information to get the maximum value for your case. While other attorneys are too busy with large caseloads, Peter limits his cases to a manageable amount, which allows him to focus on your case.


Peter LaSorsa lectures for twelve cruise lines including SilverSea, Regent, Viking Ocean, Crystal and Oceania on a variety of topics. Lecturing in over 140 countries on all seven continents. A former member of the National Speakers Association and lectures for groups on a variety of topics. Contact Peter if your group or business would like to discuss a lecture. Peter does a series of lectures on how to stay safe while traveling and lectures on history involving the Romans, Greeks, Etruscans, Pheonicians and Carthaginians. He utilizes his experience and training from his days in Special Operations to help business people and tourists stay safe while in foreign countries. Peter gives a series of seven presentations and he can tailor a special presentation for your group.

Chicago Sexual Harassment Lawyer Peter LaSorsa was a member of the Illinois State Bar Associations “ISBA” Committee on Legal Technology for over 10 years, where he was the past Chair twice. Peter has also previously chaired the ISBA’s Corporate Law Section Council, and Human Rights Section Council. These activities give him a unique approach to severance agreements.

Various Courts

Chicago Sexual Harassment Lawyer Peter LaSorsa has appeared in federal court for both the Central and Northern District of Illinois, where he is a member of the trial bar. Peter has also appeared before the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals and is licensed to practice at the United States Supreme Court.

Chicago Sexual Harassment Lawyer Peter LaSorsa has visited with the executives from Google multiple times and with executives from Microsoft to discuss issues related to the future, technology and the implications on the legal industry. Peter has also visited with many other executives from technology related corporations and companies to discuss similar issues. Peter currently lectures on the Future of Our World and the Internet of Things, both futuristic looks at upcoming events which will drive our lives.

Leisure Time Activities

When not traveling, practicing law and lecturing, Chicago Sexual Harassment Lawyer Peter LaSorsa enjoys playing the guitar, shooting pool and following Bob Dylan around the world on his never ending tour. Peter also follows Rolling Stones legendary guitar player Mick Taylor around the world. Additionally, Peter is an avid hiker, having climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro, hiked the Inca Trail to Choquequirao and Machu Picchu in Peru and hiked 96 miles from Lukla, Nepal to Mt. Everest. And he is a diehard New England Patriots, Boston Red Sox, Bruins and Celtics fan.

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