Glass Ceiling

Women are still subjected to unequal treatment in the workplace. Women are still heavily under-represented in corporate senior management and in senior leadership positions in most companies and corporations. This happens despite the fact that more women graduate from good schools and have top grades. The glass ceiling does not just refer to women who are being denied entry into the top spots of companies; it also refers to others. For example minorities are also being affected by the glass ceilings in may instances. The glass ceiling refers to artificial limits that are placed by companies where only the good old boys make it to the top. And they don’t make it there through good grades or skill but rather because they are men. Many times a statistical analysis of the facts and comparisons with other workers can bear this out. It takes an experienced attorney who litigates cases to get this information out of the company.

It was only recently that minorities began to get top coaching and managers jobs in sports and still the majority of senior executives in sports organizations are white males. You can’t sue claiming a glass ceiling but rather you would file a lawsuit under your particular category. And you would make allegations that refer to the glass ceiling affect. So for example you could file a gender discrimination lawsuit with the Illinois Department of Human Rights (“IDHR“). In that lawsuit you would claim that as a female you were denied advancement to a top leadership position solely because of your gender. You should show how you had superior education, a better work history and how you were generally more qualified for the job than your male counterpart. This would leave any reasonable person to conclude that you were denied the position solely because of your gender.

In you believe you are the victim of the glass ceiling please contact my office for a free consultation to learn your rights. Many times the old white boy network stops minorities and members of protected classes from advancing. Don’t let the old boy network prevent you from reaching your true potential. There are very strict periods of time in place when it comes to filing a claim of discrimination in Illinois. It isn’t enough for you to complain to management or human resources. That isn’t considered filing and doesn’t affect the statute of limitations. You must actually file with a state or federal agency during the appropriate period of time. My office can advise you on the periods and on what steps to take. I can also give you good advise on what type of evidence you need and how best to obtain that evidence. As more companies get sued for discrimination, they are able to hide more evidence because through experience they know what facts are the most damming. I know what tricks and strategies companies and their lawyers utilize. I have developed my own strategies for working around this and maximizing the value of your case.

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