Public Accommodation

Public Accommodation is handled by the Illinois the Illinois Department of Human Rights (“IDHR“). Places of public accommodation include restaurants, businesses, education institutions, all alleging discrimination. Additionally, denial of access to facilities, goods, or services is a violation. Besides this is a huge category of potential discrimination cases. Just about everyplace you go during the day offers you a chance to be discriminated against.

Many employers don’t realize how vulnerable they are. This means that as you go about your business daily, you can expect to be treated in a professional manner. You cannot be subjected to discrimination. The person changing the oil on your automobile can’t make sexual comments to you. The person who waits on your table can’t treat you different because of your race. When this happens there are certain things you should do. I can explain those to you and make sure you are maximizing your efforts. Remember, many times the discrimination is subtle and an experienced litigator can help bring out what you need as far as evidence is concerned.

Types of Discrimination

The discrimination that is actionable for public accommodation includes, Racial, Gender, Color, Religion, National Origin, Ancestry, Disability, Sexual Orientation, Military Status, Age, Unfavorable Military Discharge and Retaliation for opposing any of the above categories.

Additionally you are protected from being sexually harassed while in a public place. Any business that allows its’ employees to sexually harass you may be liable for that action. My office is very good at securing evidence in sexual harassment cases. The evidence may be video that the business has or eyewitness testimony from other customers or employees. I have been doing this for a long time and I know the best way to handle these types of cases.

Who is liable?

In this category, a person can also file a charge of discrimination against a public official. It is very important to contact my office as soon as you believe you are the victim of discrimination because you only have 300 days from the last date of discrimination to file a complaint with the IDHR. There are three office locations for filing a charge with the IDHR, Chicago, Springfield and Marion. My office handle all three locations. I have taken these types of cases in the past and been very successful. Most attorneys don’t even know about this type of discrimination. In fact, I lecture to other attorneys on discrimination related issues, so I am the lawyer other attorneys listen to on this issue.

Why Peter

Please contact me by email or phone (312-505-5038) to discuss your case. I never charge to talk to you and I will answer my own telephone and speak directly with you. I know that the details can be embarrassing and it may be hard for you to relive the issue. However, I am sensitive to your needs and because I have represented victims of public accommodation many times. Asking the right questions that are needed is important. Knowing the tactics the other attorneys may use and what the company may give for excuses is equally important.

I am ready to counter those excuses and tactics with a solid game plan. With the proper planning and execution, a person who is the victim of discrimination in a public place can have a successful case. In this case success is defined as getting some money and holding the company or business responsible. This will help ensure that businesses in the future will better train employees so they don’t engage in this type of conduct.

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