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Hostile Work Environment

Hostile work environment (“HWE”) exists when any number of circumstances takes place. There may be an intimidating atmosphere generated by another employee or supervisor. And the atmosphere may be based on discriminatory conduct. This may includes race, religion, sex, national origin, age, disability, or veteran status. And sexual orientation, citizenship status, marital status, rejection of sexual harassment or sexual advances, or personal appearance. HWE is also one of the two legal categories of sexual harassment.

What to look for

Many times a supervisor will treat one employee different than the rest of the workforce with no reason. If you are passed over for promotion, or denied a pay raise you may have a case. Especially when other less qualified employees get the promotion or pay raise. Therefore you may be in a hostile work environment due to discriminatory conduct. A supervisor may also treat an employee of a protected class differently. And try to make the employee quit by creating an atmosphere that puts the employee in fear.

HWE seem to be growing in Illinois because of the fear by many employees that they need to keep their jobs. An employer has a right to receive a full days work from you. However they do not have a right to discriminate against you and create a hostile work environment. I don’t charge unless we recover so there is never a fee to discuss your potential case.

Who is affected

As a Chicago sexual harassment and hostile work environment lawyer I see a rise in the number of HWE cases. And employers seem to be under the assumption that they can do what they want to whom they want. I am here to fight for you. Certain genders and races are seeing more HWE cases because of the economy.


Many times circumstantial evidence may be utilized to prove cases of discrimination including a hostile work environment. The evidence could be a difference in pay, job titles, or work hours. Additionally, there may be emails, text messages or documents showing you are being placed in a hostile work environment.

Because more people are fighting for fewer jobs employers seem to be treating workers and prospective workers with more hostility. The financial pressure on an employee to keep joba is increasing. However don’t let that pressure stop you from exercising your right to a hostile free work place. There are state and federal laws in place and corresponding agencies to insure and protect your rights.

Even if you are not the subject of sexual harassment at work you could be in a HWE. Because someone else is the victim of sexual harassment at work may create a hostile work environment for you. Additionally, if your boss is having a sexual relationship with a co-worker this creates a hostile work environment for you because there is an assumption that that person is getting favorable treatment from the boss because of that sexual relationship.

Hostile work environment discrimination cases in Chicago are filed with the Illinois Department of Human Rights (“IDHR”). This is the first step toward taking your discrimination case to trial. As a lawyer engaged in HWE cases, I am able to navigate the IDHR. This could result in getting your case maximum value.

I can help if you are in a HWE in Chicago or in downstate Illinois.

If you believe you are the victim of a hostile work environment please call me at 312-505-5038.

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