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School Sexual Harassment

School sexual harassment occurs when:

  • Do you believe your child was subjected to sexual statements made by teachers or students?
  • Do you believe your child was subjected to sexual contact by teachers or students at school?
  • Do you believe your child’s teacher or other school employees had sex with your child?
  • Do you believe your child was exposed to pornography or indecent pictures at school?
  • Do you believe your child was subjected to retaliation by the school for complaining about sexual harassment?
  • In Higher Education, is your professor hitting on you or otherwise trying to have a sexual relationship with you?
  • Are you being singled out in college by a professor who you believe is acting inappropriately?
  • Did the professor tell you that if you have sex he will give you a good grade?

In Higher Education it is considered school sexual harassment if any of the following engage in sexual comments or attempt to have a sexual relationship with you. Faculty members, administrative staff, top management of the University, and teaching assistants.

What is School Sexual Harassment

While the sexual comments or requests for a sexual relationship be unwanted and that something negative results. The negative result could be a bad grade, the creation of a hostile environment, an intimidating environment or the emotional distress of the student. Additionally, the student could be kicked out of the University which would create many problems. Don’t let the threat of a hostile or negative result stop you from coming forward with your complaint. I file these types of cases at the Illinois Department of Human Rights (“IDHR“) and Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (“EEOC“).

Is it really consensual?

Although you have what seems like a consensual relationship with your professor, it is still school sexual harassment in Illinois. The reason why it is sexual harassment is because the professor is in a position of power over you and you are not really in a position to consent. Most Universities have sexual harassment policies and codes of conduct, but it has been my experience that those are not followed or taken seriously by the University.

My Chicago office handles school sexual harassment cases against many of the top colleges and universities in Illinois. The most common defense is that the teacher and student are having a consensual relationship. I am very adept at handling this defense and defeating it. I have experience leveraging my knowledge in previous cases to bring about a successful settlement for my clients. Remember, universities have the money to hire top legal professionals and they have the money to dig in and fight. You need someone who will dig in and fight back.

Why Chose Peter

Attorney Peter LaSorsa represents employees in Illinois and in particular the Chicago area regarding school sexual harassment. Even if you end up with a grade of A, and believe you have been the subject of school sexual harassment you can still be damaged and have a case. A person can get a good grade and still be the victim of school sexual harassment. The key is whether you were in fact sexually harassed and the impact it had on you.

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