Military Status

Military Status discrimination in Illinois is illegal.   It is a violation of the law to discriminate against someone because of their military status. Not to mention how horrible it would be from a moral standpoint to engage in discrimination of a veteran. I am an ex Green Beret with the United States Army, First Special Operations and understand the needs of veterans. I have represented military people in a variety of issues and always work hard to protect their rights. If you apply for a job and don’t get it because you are in the National Guard or military reserve you probably have a cause of action against the company.

Types of Cases

Additionally, you can’t have your job taken away because you are called to protect the country. Many companies don’t like to hire veterans or people in the military because they view them as people that will need to take time out of work to fulfill their military obligation. There are many ways to prove military status discrimination and my office doesn’t charge to discuss your potential case. I have a special place for military veterans and will work extra hard to make sure your employment rights are fully protected.

Although only a small percentage of people actually serve in the military and protect our country. What that means is that most companies are made up of employees who don’t truly appreciate the sacrifice you are making for them. They don’t realize how difficult a deployment is on you and your family. The extra strain a deployment can put on a relationship. And throughout all of this, you don’t need extra grief while you are at work. You need a company that will follow the law and afford you the protections you are granted by the Act.

Illinois Human Rights Act

Therefore these protections are put in place to protect those who serve our country and allow the rest of us to be free. Don’t feel ashamed or embarrassed to seek out an employment attorney and find out what rights you have in Illinois. Don’t let those who refuse to serve and who get the benefit of your service discriminate against you. They don’t have a right to treat you different than other employees and I am here to make sure they don’t. This protection also extends to veterans who are applying for a job with a company.

Remember that the Illinois Human Rights Act (“Act“) was written with this type of protection in mind. And with more females entering the military you may also have a gender discrimination case along with a military service status case. An experienced employment lawyer can make that determination for you. As a person serving our country you should get extra consideration for a job not less. Don’t get pushed around by a company.

Take Action

If you believe you are being victimized because of your military status contact my office at once. Peter won’t charge you to discuss your case.  And only take cases if he believe you have a case that has the proper facts to allow for a victory. He is a straight shooter and will give you the respect you deserve. Knowing you are working hard for the country and deserve to have someone working hard on your behalf.

Call Chicago Sexual Harassment Attorney anytime to discuss your case. Protecting the rights of military people is my favorite type of case to take. Call 312-505-5038 or email


Military Status

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