The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (“EEOC“) recently recognized transgender as a protected category for employment protection. This means an employer cannot discrimination against an employee based on their sexual identity. The case was Macy v. ATF and was decided in May 2012. Because it was a federal case, statutory damages can apply in cases like these. In that case a male police officer from Phoenix applied for a position with the federal Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms (“ATF”) bureau and when the officer disclosed he was changing from male to female his job offer was withdrawn. This was a very interesting case and brought up issues that had not been discussed prior. It is also new ground for the federal government in protecting the employment rights of everybody not just a select few.

Types of Cases

My office handles these cutting edge type cases. I have the resources and ability to take these cases and move them along the legal system. I am also very good at getting companies to settle these cases prior to prolonged litigation. This allows you to move forward and gives you the privacy you deserve. I know that the facts of cases like these can be embarrassing to both sides.

Many times if you are discriminated against because of your sexual identity you may also be discriminated against because of your sexual orientation. There is a chronology of events which should be examined.  Both of these are violations of Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. A good employment lawyer can explain all of this in more detail. The main point is that you can’t be treated different because of how you present yourself at work–either as a male or female. You should be judged by your ability and work history not your looks or identity. However, the reality is bosses don’t always do this. People tend to be narrow minded and not open to new things.

Text and Email Messages

Because of text messages and emails, I can secure physical electronic evidence in cases like this which help bring about positive resolutions. How much money you settle your case for will depend mostly on the facts and what good evidence we have. There are other issues that also arise in cases like this and I am always available to discuss those one-on-one. Unlike most law firms and lawyers how utilize paralegals to work your case up–I do it myself. This allows me to know the facts of your case better than the other lawyers. I learn every detail directly from you and that puts me in a better position to be successful on your case.

My office in Chicago handles these types of cases and I am always free to discuss this for free with you. Peter never charges you a fee to sit down and talk about your case.  He doesn’t even take money to handle your case and instead work solely on contingency fee basis. Believing this is the fairest way to handle a discrimination case and allows people who don’t have the means to pay a lawyer up front legal representation. Call my office at 312-505-5038 to discuss your employment related case. Speak with me directly and I will give you an honest assessment of your case. If I don’t think you have good facts, I am not afraid to tell you that.

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