Privacy At Work

Privacy at work is an issue in Illinois. So most employees at work utilize a cell phone, computer and perhaps an Ipad. What are some of the pitfalls to using these at work? And how could it affect a sexual harassment case in Chicago or elsewhere in Illinois? Well first you need to understand while you are at work using a company supplied computer or cell phone, you have no right to privacy. The company can monitor your phone log, and computer usage.

Email Issues

If you access a personal email account from work on a workplace computer that information may become available to the company. Now there could be exceptions. For example, if the company contacts you on your personal cell phone or email account. Although because you access that call at work, you are probably safe from having the company ask to see both. It’s a bit of a gray area. However, a strong privacy rights attorney who concentrates in the legal area of employment law should be able to get your protection. And what does this mean for you if the boss is sexually harassing you?

What Not To Do

Well you would not want to be sharing what is going on regarding evidence you are gathering about the boss because the company will get advanced knowledge of what you are doing. You probably should not contact your Chicago employment attorney via email while you are at work. Keep in mind that you can step outside and use your own cell phone and that information will not be available to the company and that would be the best course of action for communicating with your attorney. So remember, step outside of your workplace and use your personal cell phone if you need to make a call or send an email when you are at work.

Sexual Harassment Issues

So how are you suppose to get evidence of sexual harassment on the boss while you are at work. Well if the boss sends you sexual text messages, you can forward them to your personal phone or you can save them. You can also print them out and save the printouts. You can do the same for emails. And make sure you keep a very detailed log of the date and time the messages are being sent. This will be very useful if the case ends up in litigation and those specific records can be requested during discovery. Discovery is the place where many cases are won or lost. This is where experience pays off. Detailed records will help greatly in that regard.

Company Focus

Lastly, remember that the company is in place to make money for the principals of the company, not for your benefit. The company ultimately will make employment decisions based on that equation. You must ensure you are protecting yourself when you are at work. The best way to ensure your protection is to speak with a Chicago employment lawyer who is skilled, aggressive and experienced in sexual harassment and hostile work environment cases.

Why Choose Peter

Sometimes it requires the attorney to play hardball and to take a tough position. The best thing you can do is make an inquiry into your rights and discuss the actual facts of your case with an attorney. Don’t let your future slip away when you are being victimized. And remember, you have no right to privacy while you are at work, except in certain circumstances. I can help you determine what those special circumstances are. I have had great success against companies regarding their privacy policies. Most corporate human resource departments are not use to getting push back on privacy issues.

Don’t let a company walk all over your rights. In Illinois you have more rights to privacy than you think, including privacy to your biometrics. Illinois has one of the strongest biometric laws in the country. Contact my office to discuss.


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